Welcome to hobbyDB, your personal collecting resource for diecast, vinyl art, and many other collectibles. The hobbyDB project is one that aims to catalog every collectible ever made, one day becoming the ultimate reference for collectors of all kinds.

As a team we had a vision for a site that captures what has previously gone undocumented – every collectible that has ever existed. The purpose of the database? To be able to serve free, accurate information to everybody. With many detailed data points on each and every item, it’s easy for anybody to further expand their collectibles knowledge with hobbyDB – whether you curate a museum or you just want to learn more about an item you own.

In fact, hobbyDB is built with the community in mind – not only is it a free resource for the public, but the project is also powered by collectors just like you. Collectors from all around the world share our vision of what hobbyDB can achieve, and are therefore pledging to ensure the catalog remains as accurate as possible for everyone that uses it.

If you’d like to dedicate a small amount of time to improving a few pages on your favorite collectibles – it would not only enhance the database for everyone else’s viewing pleasure, but you’d also be joining a cooperative of collectors on a mission to document every single collectible in the world. 

As a curator, you can –

  1. Clean your page of false information and leave your mark by contributing to the largest catalog of collectibles in the world.
  2. Bask in the glory of knowing that your page will be used as a handy resource for hobbyists and collectors worldwide.
  3. Do what you love by curating only your favorite collectibles.

Of course, you can curate as many pages as you’d like. You can even tackle the more in-depth subjects on hobbyDB by curating with your friends and forming an elite misinformation-fighting task force!