Old Variant Details Display is Going Away. New Variant Details Display will be Here Today (or Tomorrow).

By now, you will all be familiar with how the Show Variant Details thingumajig works;

Show Variant Details Pop-Down Thing in action.

The “Show Variant Details” Pop-Down Thing in action.

When we first built hobbyDB, we figured this would be a nice neat way to show the differences between variants. And when you have 5 Toyota Yarises (Yarii?) with 3 differences between them, it works very nicely indeed.

But then we realized that Hot Wheels and other 1/64 diecast have waaaaaaaaaay more differences than that. And as a result, we now have situations like this;

Confession; this one is so long, I couldn't actually fit all of it into the screenshot...

Confession; this one is so long, I couldn’t actually fit all of it into the screenshot…

This, as everybody pointed out, is impossible to read, let alone to compare to other variants. And so, not much use to anyone.

As such, we’ve made a big change to this. Starting shortly, the “Show Variant Details” link under each variant will disappear. Instead, Curators will be able to write a short description of the differences between that variant and the others in its group. This can be done by clicking the new “Edit Variant Details Summary” button on the variant’s own page;

New button. We know its name is a tad wordy and are open to suggestions on shortening that...

New button. We know its name is a tad wordy and are open to suggestions on shortening that…

Whatever you enter will then display like this in the variants view;

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.02.50 AM

It will also show on the individual item pages like this;

You'll also note we tidied up how that "5 Variants" link looks.

You’ll also note we tidied up how that “5 Variants” link looks.


And in the search results like this;

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.05.20 AM

In the variant display view (that’s the first one), this will truncate to 80 characters, so the rule here is to be brief and only focus on the differences between that variant and the others in its variant group. Some things might not need a description at all (the pictures alone are obviously enough to tell the differences between three things that are different colors where that’s the only difference between them) and if you need to fit in a lot of details, you might want to use a shorter form of writing than in the above examples. For instance, you could just say Brown/Black Int. Whatever works for your particular area of curation. If you go over 80 characters, the full text will appear on the item page and it’ll truncate at 150 characters in the search results.

We hope you all like this. We think it’s a big improvement over the gargantuan pop-downs. The list view on the variant display view will not be affected yet, that’ll keep showing all the different fields until we reach the tipping point where the vast majority of things which need descriptions have them. At that point, we’ll change it so these descriptions show there too.


In the variant display, we’ve also added the ability to set a title for the page. So where the current page looks like this;

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.15.46 AM

The new version can look like this;

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.17.12 AM

To set the title, you just click the “Edit Description and Title” button in the lower right. Titles are optional and can be added, edited and removed as you like.


We’re Looking For A Few Good Facebook Partners!

Are you really active on Facebook? Want to share your amazing knowledge of collectibles with the rest of our community? We’re looking for a few curators to help add some variety and expertise to our Facebook Pages.

hobbydb facebook page header

The hobbyDB Facebook Partners program will pair you up with one of our various pages so you can more fun collectibles and information. We do this to attract more contributors for the database and currently have pages for these topics:


We got some simple guidelines and a few rules and will help you to get started.  If you’re interested, check out the pages listed above and let us know which page you’d like to contribute to and we’ll tell you more! Email Ron at ron@hobbydb.com.


We’re on a Quest to Fight Bad Data!

Lego FightersOver the last year, we’ve added so much data to hobbyDB from so many different partners that we were bound to pick up some bad data along the way. Over the past few months, however, we’ve learned a lot and now we’re on a mission to clean up all the bad data on the site, while also maintaining accuracy moving forward. As such, we’ve developed a plan to tackle any type of data issue before it occurs and we wanted to share this with you as all you Curators are a crucial part of our bad data taskforce.

  • Every morning, the admin team will check for new users who have added items. We will review their catalog entries, make any necessary corrections, and then email the new user to explain any changes.
  • Our data team will check for flags every morning and will make the necessary corrections.
  • Andrew will post any major changes including new features to the team site.
  • To help solve our Subject related issues, the admin team has committed to improving 25 subjects every day (adding text, images and parent subjects (where appropriate).

We’d love to hear what you think about this plan! Just let us know.


Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! Exciting New Display Changes are Here!

changesChanges! We’ve made some major changes to how items and their variants display on the site.

Previously, we showed all the variants of an item on its page. Unfortunately, we rapidly found that with some diecast models having hundreds of variants, this made the pages huge and unwieldy and made them load very slowly too.

As such, we’ve now moved the variants to their own page AND introduced the concept of sub-variants. Curators have been able to set variant groups for a while, but now you can also add sub-groups to these. This allows for grouping of very similar items (eg. Hot Wheels that are the exact same color and casting but where one was made in Malaysia and the other was made in Hong Kong) – or you can use it to tidy up the display on items that were made for a long time but have only minimal differences. Each group and sub-group now also rolls up and gets its own description on its own page too. Next we are refining the way we show differences between variants (going forward we will only show differences between catalog entries that are grouped together which should make it much easier to see what makes them different).

Essentially this is a new addition to the Curator toolbox which gives you all more versatility in how you decide to display things on your items!


Birth of the hobbyDB Price Guide!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.25.36 PMNow hobbyDB users can know how much of their funny money to spend on that particular item!

We’ve just introduced the first and most basic version of the hobbyDB Price Guide! Curators can now set values on the items they curate. This can be done either on an item-by-item basis by clicking the Set Values button in the actions section or you can set values on as many of the items in your variant chain as you like, just by clicking the Batch Set Values button.

For diecast, this first version will let you set a value for the model in package and/or one for loose. Going forward we’ll be bringing in further values for different condition degrees. Values display under the Add to Collection/Add to Wishlist/Buy/Sell buttons.  You can read more and discuss the current vision of how we like to build out the hobbyDB Value Guild in the forum here.

We’ve also increased the number of characters you can use in the Flag notes section from 100 to 300.